Malcolm Bell

Malcolm BellMalcolm Bell JP is organist of Loughton Methodist Church and treasurer of The City and London & Eastern Society of Organists. Malcolm began playing the piano at the age of 8 years and then the piano accordion at 12 and classical organ at 14. He has been playing for Church services, weddings and funerals for over 50 years. In 2003 he took over the organisation of the long running series of classical recitals at the Methodist Church and inaugurated the Loughton Youth Music Festival. This Festival showcases the excellence of music tuition in the schools within the catchment area of Loughton with performances by A-Level students (or equiv) from nine establishments including the Loughton Music Academy Trust.

For the past two years the Festival has enthusiastically supported the work of the Community Music Initiative and now the “Pass It On” scheme, with some 25 children from the Church will be benefitting from a free lesson in an instrument they haven’t played before. “I am passionate about children experiencing music - learning and listening to music of all genres and believe that music therapy is crucial in the treatment of children with special needs.” In his spare time Malcolm has served for 20 years as a Justice of the Peace in courts in Essex, specialising in the work of Family Court.